Hoxton Redsox

a creative visual effects studio


  • client / mostly us

Some of our work that's in various stages of development.


Thorpe Park / Distorted Reality VFX Breakdown

  • client / Thorpe Park
  • agency / TBWA
  • production / MTP
  • director / Ben Craig

VFX breakdown for the Distorted Reality TVC.


Tube Train Interior / Fully CG

  • client / Merlin Entertainment
  • production / Hoxton Redsox
  • director / Hoxton Redsox

A nice example of photo-real CG, based on reference photos of the London Picadilly tube line. We created this as an example of how a 3D set can be built for efficient and cost effective results.


Prometheus Viral / David VFX Breakdown

  • client / Fox
  • production / RSA Films
  • director / Johnny Hardstaff
  • awards / British Arrows Gold
  • awards / D&AD Pencil x2

VFX breakdown for the Prometheus 'Viral' Happy Birthday David. Hugely successful short film that picked up many awards including a D&AD for 'Production Design'.


Enchanted Village

  • client / n/a

Some rather nice development work that was part of our pitch for a TVC.


CBBC / Eve

  • client / CBBC
  • production / Leopard Drama
  • director / Adrian McDowall

A proof of concept we did for the CBBC series Eve.


Adidas / Test

  • client / n/a

A very quick proof of concept.